Istanbul – Part One

This is waaayyyy behind schedule but you know what they say better behind schedule than never! #fashionablylate #iamposhliddat

Since we are a big family, going on vacation with everyone can be a bit challenging. Which is why we’ve not been going away together for a while. We usually do it in batches. Sometimes all the girls go, sometime only the boys will go sometimes just my parents. So this trip to Istanbul is a big step for all of us.

AND WE SURVIVED!! Everyone came home in one piece. And masyaAllah, Istanbul was beautiful! We had a great time and more importantly, we managed to not kill one another. I don’t know how the other big families who travel every single year together did it. #respect

In spirit of not getting scolded for excess luggages (I am very prone to do this), I packed kinda light. Not backpacker light but lighter than the allocated 30kgs. And I SURVIVED!!! I am quite proud at how creative I was in pairing my outfits given the limited quantities of clothes I packed. I don’t know how/where the inspiration came from because back in KL, I will spend 10 minutes (minimum) standing in front of my wardrobe thinking “I have nothing to wear”. They must have sprayed something in the air in Istanbul.

Here are some photos from the trip. I think I will break it into two parts, not to bombard you with a massive load of photos in one seating. Photos are like carbs you know. A little bit is nice but a lot may give you health problems. So enjoy!

Ready to go!
I totally feel that lady in the green shirt
Look 1: The secret is to bring a gilet/long vest that can go over literary anything and everything!
Spices and dried things. Love the colors!
Yes to Fajitas!
And Chai! Since bread is the main source of carbs here, at this point we are already missing rice. Believe it or not we got rice from the nearby minimart and cooked nasi goreng. #typicalmalaysians
Random photo of my brother, Mubin explaining to me how I lit up his world like these beautiful yellow flower. That’s a lie. He’s teaching my how to get a great shot for his portrait photo. *roll eyes*
The beautiful garden surrounding Hagia Sophia
Honestly I can’t remember which mosque this is but the architecture in this whole country I am telling you, I died.
How can you not be in awe! Look at the intricacies of the design!
Me trying to look cool.
This uncle trying to look cool. Also chestnuts are THE BOMB!
Also me, trying to chase away some paparazzis (I wish, it was just my brothers and my sisters).
Look 2: A statement blazer that hides the fact that you’re wearing the free t-shirt from AWS underneath.
Look 2 (cont): Pack one skirt at least. I just realised back home, I am 97% a pants-kinda-girl but on vacation, I wanna be extra with some volume skirt y’alls!
Look 3: Anything white. I realised that white anything (bag, shoes, blazer, pants, skirt, hat, etc) can alleviate how you look. So throw on a basic black top and a something white, you’ll look super polished.
Hah! See, told ya. Wear something white.
What’s with the awkward hand pose you ask? That’s me trying to do the #followme picture for the ‘gram but there’s no one willing to follow me.. #sadreactsonly
So I shall sail away by myself then…
Another reliable multipurpose shirt. That I can also wear to sleep and lounge around. As seen here.

I think that’s all for now. Part 2 will follow soon!



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