Adulting is hard

I have been living away from home more number of years than I did living with my parents and that’s part of adulting right? Yes, but technically I didn’t go through the full extent of it. Back in boarding school and uni days I lived away from home, but I never had to scout for my own place, think about budget and rental payment period. I was so malas to do this to the point that my sponsor asked if I want to find accommodation outside of the university, they will give me cash to go find my own place and this is obviously the preferred option for other scholars. Because they can find a cheaper place and pocket the difference but I was too lazy. I told them just let me stay within the campus compound so I don’t need to wake up early and commute to class and they can worry about paying the rent directly to the university and not me. Spoilt kan, I know. So I had no adulting experience until NOW.

I have not officially announced this yet but I am relocating to Jakarta! I am a ball of emotions right now. Excited but also terrified. Those two are the only emotions I know how to describe, the rest are all jumbled up feelings.

Anyway, I have decided that I will not prolong the house search and dedicated this week to finalise the place I will be staying at in Jakarta or be homeless. And I begin to appreciate living with my parents so much more now. Lets talk about how hard it is to find a house that is secured and central location as Jakarta’s traffic is no joke, does not require me to sell my kidneys to afford, decently furnished (must have a washing machine, cooking place, work area, spacious wardrobe, a pool and a gym), kind but not nosy neighbours, can pay monthly (a lot requested for upfront 12 months payments), has a grocery store nearby (I am sort of tired ordering in from GoFood and Grabfood to be honest. I have been doing it almost every day for a week every month since Jun 2019), just to name a few. See, I am not THAT choosey.

Saw one place with a walk-in wardrobe (yaaasss!), a pool, a great lounge area but far from office (this is a big minus because the area is basically like Bangsar in Malaysia. Kind of atas but very busy). So traffic will be hell. So had to say goodbye to that one. 

One unit had a great view of the city, amazing facilities, spacious bedroom and living area, but smells funny. Some of the apartment buildings don’t have a proper sanitation and waste management system in place. So this is also a big no no. 

I went to view 38 apartments, studios, and Kosan (which is like a sharing house) in one week. I feel like throwing up just typing this. And by end of the week I must decide on which unit I think i can imagine myself living in, pay deposit and then go home to pack based on what’s reasonable given my new living situation. 

So I’m proud to say I chose and I think luck was sort of in my side. The photo you see above is not my new home (it’s a stock image) but the one I chose is not bad. Can’t wait to show it to you.

Will update you again on this, I’m boarding a flight home to pack my shizz and let the new adventure begins! 



2 thoughts on “Adulting is hard

  1. I’m so excited for you! When I saw the number at 38 I was gonna give up on your behalf, but I’m glad you’ve finally found a place there to call home 🙂


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