Eid Mubarak! MCO style

Eid Mubarak to you all!!! It is a strange time that we’re in right now isn’t it? I had a great laugh looking at all the photos of family imams and their sticks. Wait, that sounded wrong. I meant the batons they hold while giving khutbah. Like these ones:

People do get creative huh? 😂
Photos credit to twitter accounts: @zyettiii and @m_khairin

Ramadhan and Eid have been kind of bittersweet for me this time. I was away most of Ramadhan and the first week of Eid last year. So it’s great to be home this time. In the middle of battling the uncertainty and adjusting to this new working condition, I just need to recalibrate. And I can’t think of a better way to start recalibrating than being in Ramadhan.

Just some quiet time to reflect. It has been quite a bumpy ride but let’s not be a bummer since this post is about Eid! Great celebrating Eid with my family. We had video calls with my brother in Turkey, my grandma and relative in Penang and the rest of my family members elsewhere (mostly in KL but with social distancing and all, might as well just do video calls). So here’s my Raya recap and hope you are all celebrating Eid with joy amongst your family members and loved ones!

Look at our cute e-card ❤️
I didn’t buy any traditional Raya clothes this year. Saw this shirt dress and thought it could be a dress for raya and double as a cardigan during non-Raya time.
My mum wanted the Dua Lipa pose. #mymumistoohip 😂
I asked my dad why is he wearing a suit and he said his tema is “baju-Raya-stuck-in-Poslaju” 😂😂😂
Also I made Korean food. It’s called jiggae (I think). Just because I miss Korean food



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