Of laksa and boredom

My dad made the best Penang laksa today. No, that’s not a typo. I’m meant to say “dad”not “mum”. Hehehe sorry ma!

As I was eating the laksa, I realised how restless I was at the fact that I don’t have my phone with me to listen to some podcast or watch intellectual interviews and thought provoking debates on Graham Norton while I eat. The TV was not on either. Complete silence. It was just me and my laksa. How awkward! And more importantly, how BORING!!

That’s the first time in a very long time that I encountered a dear old friend, Mr. Boredom. The last time I was bored was probably when I was 10 after finishing my Enid Blyton book about elves or something. I know what you were thinking: don’t you already have a mobile phone by then? Call your boyfriend or something, like us cool kids. *flips hair* Ya, no. I had my first phone when I was 12 guys, my parents were late bloomers.

Do you feel that we don’t know how to handle boredom anymore? We are constantly looking to be stimulated all the time. Believe me, I know. I have two phones (in case one dies), two power banks (in case both phones and one power bank dies), a cable + plug (in case both phones and both powerbanks die) and when all else fails; a book in my bag just so that I have something to do.

I miss those days when we can just sit in a restaurant while waiting for someone and just stare at other people like a total psycho. Sigh. Good ol days.

So I ended up just eating my laksa and nothing else. Concentrating on every bite while contemplating about life B.G. (Before Gadgets). Was I bored? Absolutely! But did I enjoy being bored. Kinda. I noticed that monkey with an attitude who ate my pineapple (if I wasn’t so engrossed with my phone maybe I get to be the one eating the pineapple), the weird dent on my dining table, the color of the wall in my house and some other things I’ve never even bothered to look at. Also, believe it or not, it was the best laksa I’ve ever had.

RIP pineapple.



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