Think Like A Freak. Again.

As I was cleaning up my bookshelf, I saw this book. Only had a few highlighted pages and I thought, “this can’t be right. I must have not finished this one”. So I went back to page 1 and started reading it, again. Because little did I know, I finished this book back in 2015 and even wrote about it here.

Funnily enough I started highlighting way more pages this time around. I guess you find different things to be relatable and relevant after 5 years. For example, my team and I at Pod are building an alternative credit scoring model to help gig workers get access to micro financing and in doing so, I find that it is absolutely crucial to appreciate and understand the concepts outlined in this book including: 1. Not dismissing the obvious and try to study deeper relationships between variables, 2. Ask the right questions before even attempting to find the right answers, 3. Experiment and understand people’s incentives. I know, a lot of things to consider hence, the panda eyes I have now.

I am not going to rewrite the review for this one but in all honesty, a really good investment. Usually I’ll give away the books I’ve read to my friends but I’d probably keep this one to see what sort of gems will I find in the next 5 years.

If I can summarize this book in a single line, (which won’t do this book justice btw) it will be this:

Have fun, think small, don’t fear the obvious

Think Like A Freak



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