Happiness is when you have a clean desktop

Remember the earlier post where I talked about my ridiculously overpopulated desktop? And how I’ve been trying to mono-task using the Pomodoro timer? Well the tool is all well and good to help block my time for specific task but it doesn’t solve my gazillion-Google-chrome-tabs-opened-all-at-once issue. I guessed you should know that the super organised laptop with the serene mountain background is not mine (Clearly, Nadia. Very clearly…) It belongs to some guy called Ruben (thank you Ruben for showing me what an organised person who’s got his life in order looks like. Your desktop is #goal).

Good news, a friend of mine (shoutout to Ashley!) saw the post and shared this tool called Workona that can help to group my tabs, label them and I can open only the ones relevant to my current task. For example, I may have a window with tabs containing articles from websites I’d like to read (someday), and then another window for the research I need to do for investors’ due diligence mixed with some motivational Youtube videos including one of Chamath Palihapitiya’s speech about how venture capital investments are dreadfully similar to Ponzi Schemes (a conversation for another day). So, instead of having 3 windows with 8 tabs each running in parallel, I can use Workona where it will organise and save my tabs into 3 different workspaces so I can maintain my headspace around one specific workspace/task at a time.

So I went from this:

What a mess

To this. Ladies and gentlemen, introducing my new desktop:

This made me very happy as you can see, Workona is opening only the tabs related to my selected workspace and the Focus To Do (right underneath it) is where I dump my to do list and set a timer to work on them. Workona also has a to do list feature I am yet to explore. Then there’s Spotify (as you can see I am too cheapskate to subscribe to Spotify Premium so there are ads popping up) and some pdf reading materials that is related to the current task I’m working on. Voila, a step closer to Ruben’s desktop!

Oh, again let me mention: I am not getting paid to say nice things about Workona, just a user who’s happy her desktop is not looking like spam ads while watching illegal contents online (I don’t watch illegal contents online but others who do tell me that’s what it’s like) 🤭

Hope this can help you busy bees out there too!! Let me know of any other tools you found useful 🙂



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