Gen.T List 2021

I am now neighbours with Natalie Portman and Lily Collins. No biggie. *trying very hard not to burst into flames right now*

I mean Instagram post neighbours. See there’s me next to Lily Collins and her hubby and next to them is Natalie Portman. So yes, I believe we are friends now.

Honoured to be part of the Gen T list this year where Tatler magazine gathers various change makers in Asia and tell their stories. I am listed alongside many incredible people that I personally look up to. You can see the full list here . It made me realise that the pursuits of meaning can come in various shapes and forms and collectively, we can create wonderful things for the world. The only thing that matters is that we continue to give it our all, to be the best at what we do.

To be mentioned alongside these superstars in their respective fields, is truly humbling. I know that’s the template speech people make when they get these kind of things to sound humble, but honestly, the fact that I am in the same list as Dr Amalina Bakri (who motivated me to study really hard for my SPM so I can bag half the number of A’s she got) and Qyira Yusri (one of the key figures supporting the lowering of the voting age in Malaysia); it takes a lot for me not to hyperventilate right now.

Some BTS shots. No, not that KPop band.

A massive thanks to Tatler Malaysia for this recognition and the people who nominated me to be part of this cohort. It has been an incredibly challenging year but I am constantly being reminded that all the sacrifices and efforts we are making towards the empowerment of the underserved will not go to waste. I know that 2020/2021 have been tough on everyone else too and having gone through multiple lowest of the lows in the last couple of months, I sure have learnt a lot. Here’s a recap:

Just do,
Just be,
Just live.



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