An ideal evening for me would be curling up with a good book in a quiet room while soaking my feet in warm water with bath salts. Evidently, I am 95-year old at heart. When I read, my mind wanders and I form opinions about everything. Sometimes I am too polite to say it out loud; worried about whether I’ll be thrown with rotten tomatoes but some days when the worries about rotten tomatoes don’t scare me (which means I must be high on something), I’ll pour the thought out… here.

I write about the things that I am passionate about like sports (if you think this is true, please know that I am super touched by the fact that you think so highly of me). In all seriousness, I shall write about the startup I founded (pod), the women empowerment organisation I’m working on (Inspiring Orchid), the other things I do, places I visit, books I read (ratio to the books I buy is probably 1:a bazillion), fashion, beauty, my personal opinions and some random stuff.

So, shall we get started?