Stripey Saturday

Hiking, hill climbing, kayaking, running, marathoning and all those nature, sweaty stuff are generally not my thing. But I have been doing some serious thinking, I think I need to be more closer to nature. More nature friendly? Experience the greenery and fresh air once in a while. I believe we are all guilty of [...]

#iocbabes : Marion Caunter

*string quartet playing in the background*Marion or her full name Marion Rose Caunter was born in Penang in the year 1980. (Please read in the typical voice you hear during prestigious award ceremony). Okay, that's all that I want to share. *rotten eggs and tomatoes on head*Okay, okay. We had an opportunity to interview Marion [...]

All that glamor

Now I'm constantly scouting for random strangers who can help take my pictures. As mentioned earlier this year, I promise to upload more OOTD-kind pictures on this blog. The other day it was this hotel worker who was unfortunate enough to be standing there offering me coffee. Hahahah, he must have regretted that almost immediately [...]

Heads Up!

This was us, all civilized before the crazy gameThis game is fun! Especially with a bunch of friends. Crazy friends to be exact. Here are some snippets:Category: Act It Outpest controlMe: someone who chases your rat? Errr.err... kill those termites!Talal: Ohh! Ohh! Maids!Category: SongsDark Horse by Katy PerryRam: Kuda HitamFariza: .....?- Times Up! -Ram: Oh, [...]