Peachy Keen

Several things got me thinking today. While I was riding in an Uber the other day, the driver asked me if I wanted to become a beauty mogul. Random, I know. He was telling me how the big brands like YouPuteh and E'Herbs (bukan nama sebenar) for examples are making tons of money feeding into [...]

Grey… fan?

Speaking of grey fan, I am relieved about Tom Hiddleston and Taylor Swift calling it quits. Huh? What is the relationship between a fan of grey and the two celebrities? Nothing, I just want to say that I'm glad they ended it. I don't know if I've mentioned this but I am easily attracted to statement [...]

Stripey Saturday

Hiking, hill climbing, kayaking, running, marathoning and all those nature, sweaty stuff are generally not my thing. But I have been doing some serious thinking, I think I need to be more closer to nature. More nature friendly? Experience the greenery and fresh air once in a while. I believe we are all guilty of [...]