Gigi Hadid for a day

Gigi Hadid for a day

Over the years, the only one thing that has never changed for me is my alter ego's successful career as a Victoria's Secret model. Don't you dare say anything to ruin this for me. #selfesteemgamestrong. My parents are SO gonna kill me. Anyway, I had a tad bit of the taste of that VS life last week. Had my [...]

#iocbabes : Dato’ Hans Isaac, Freda Liu and Alia Bastamam

Last week was pretty hectic. I was running around managing a few things happening at work and my baby, the Inspiring Orchid Conference. I know it looks like I'm working in fashion or talent management industry from the pictures on Instagram but it was all for the conference. Don't worry, I'm not quitting my job [...]

Inspiring Orchid interview – Datin Badrunnisa

I think I've mentioned the Inspiring Orchid Conference here and there in this blog. It's a women empowerment conference that I'm organizing alongside my awesome team. So part of the plan is to have an interview session with inspiring women to feature their fun and relaxed side via the 'Vogue 73Qs' interview style. This time [...]