Wintour who?

How's your Labour Day celebration today? Well, mine went well up until probably around 5pm, when I nearly broke up with Hoon. So Hoon and I had this conversation and I let you be the judge on whether he can stay or he must get axed. Me: Who would you like to trade life with [...]

Dear Hoon…

Dear Hoon (yes, Hoon is a new character on this blog and no, you may not ask any questions), These are the things I've learned the past 6 months: 1. We are both ugly criers with the attention span of goldfishes (I am surprised we still remember each others' names) 2. I'd rather be Nadul [...]

It felt like home

I have been rushing through life these day. I have been sprinting past everything, not wanting to stop and think. Because when I do, it always brings me back to your gaze. Those warm, loving eyes. There was a time when everything was so simple and nobody else seemed to be in existence. The future could have [...]