Wake up call

So Selena Gomez had her concert here in Malaysia yesterday. I did not go of course was staying in the office till late like a good girl (my parents stalk me). Hahaha, seriously I did not go, not that big of a fan. Anyway, that got me thinking about what am I doing with my [...]

Jane of all trades

Since I started the Inspiring Orchid I have the tendency to women-named everything. My car used to be James but now SHE is Emily. But shoes have to always be Jimmy. Eventhough they're not Choos they'll always be Jimmy. Teehee.My laptop is now resting in a clinic as the battery decided to die on me. [...]

If a pure white canvas has a black dot on it, it’s hardly a pure white canvas anymore.

Image credits to BBC NewsI managed to catch the last 45 minutes or so of the India's Daughter documentary. It's banned almost everywhere. It was heartbreaking and disturbing to say the very least. If someone can say the girl should not fight instead let her be raped, there's something seriously wrong with the world.Mixed reactions [...]