The ideal car

Everytime I write nowadays it's about my mum and her craziness. I think I will have to change this blog's name to 'Dina's Crazy Ideas' soon. I can't help it because being around her drives me nuts!The other day she was driving (while I fell asleep in the passenger's seat, thanking god for my expired [...]

It’s "Kau-la" apparently.

Just another normal conversation with mama today. She never fails to crack me up every single time.Me : Jom la kita pergi Australia.Mama: *excited* Eh, jom jom. Ma nak pergi tengok kaula.Me: Who's Kaula? *honestly thinking there's a distant cousin/relative named Kaula living in Australia*Mama: Kaula tak tahu?! Tu la, binatang kaula tu.Me: errr, koala?Mama: [...]

Much love? Many love?

Usually people say you can't quantify love or put a price on it right? Wrong! At least in my household it's possible.Mama: Semua okay?Me: Okay la I think.Mama: Ma dah book flight.Me: (in an upbeat tone) Really?! Wheee!Mama: Yeah, costs about 500 ringgit. So ayah said, 'it costs us RM 50 per day for her [...]