Random rants

Random rants

If you have not seen me sleep, consider yourself blessed. I am not a elegant sleeper. Yeap, let's be honest here. Don't believe me, ask my friends from MRSM. They'll tell you 😂 Anyway, managed to freak some air hostesses out with my jaw-on-the-floor-while-I-sleep action. I don't know why but I can't sleep seating without [...]

Part 2 of the last 2 months – Best friends’s wedding, palace visit and Singapore!

Counting days to write about this as the continuation of my previous entry. Lesson learnt: never hoard your stories for too long and stop procrastinating! Let's skip the jibber jabbers and get right to it.Best friend's weddingNaddy is now married! *cry a bucket* Oh no, what am I going to do? I don't think I [...]

Apa Kabar Jakarta!

Where do I start? Jakarta is pretty much like KL but with more malls. Seriously, they have 3 malls a fart away from one another. Like if you were to "release gas" in one mall, the visitors in the other 2 malls will also faint.It's quite an exciting place to see and a lovely place [...]