I am not even Elon Musk

I was engrossed in my current read, a biography about Elon Musk when I started having this question about my current commitments. Today in particular was not a great day. I have been so busy because we’re thinking of moving Pod to Indonesia and was flying in and out almost every 2 weeks. On top [...]

Random rants

Random rants

If you have not seen me sleep, consider yourself blessed. I am not a elegant sleeper. Yeap, let's be honest here. Don't believe me, ask my friends from MRSM. They'll tell you 😂 Anyway, managed to freak some air hostesses out with my jaw-on-the-floor-while-I-sleep action. I don't know why but I can't sleep seating without [...]

Tapikirkah Anda?

Before we go any further, can I just ask: who created this freakin cute campaign?! Tapi(r)kirkah anda, geddit? If you're LOL-ing right now, you're my chickas. *high five* Okay, I know I'm lame. Moving on. Every day starts pretty much with me telling myself: "I am seriously going to blog more to share with people [...]