Pause, think.

Pause, think.

Did you ever think, amidst the crazy work week and the busy weekend and repeat; what will it be like when the plug is pulled and you're out? What will be the things you wished you did more of, who would you wish to have spent more time with, and most importantly, did you live [...]

Raya gathering

We hosted a mini family gathering at home yesterday. I wanted to share the stories and wedding pictures the night itself but was too tired to even move my fingers to scroll Instagram page. NO NO, not MY wedding but other people's wedding that I attended.So, pre open house we had to do our annual [...]

I’m in love!

Amongst the things that I am very grateful for is Investopedia. All hail.I was working on my finance assignment the other day and was going crazy trying to understand some terminologies. I honestly enjoy report writing (although it makes me feel like pulling my head off) where I can compare and contrast and put my [...]

Throwing all the stuff in the bag is packing. As long as they are all IN the bag.

In my defense: blame it all on Procrastination. It's his fault (I just don't think a girl will ever let another girl shove ball of clothes into the bag without nagging her to fold it nicely or PACK EARLIER!) Oh, that's mum.Part of it was also because I don't want to leave home. *looking around [...]