Riang Ria Raya

Riang Ria Raya

Can someone tell me who came up with the phrase "Riang Ria Raya"? Because I think it's very inaccurate to describe Raya. Well, maybe not entirely inaccurate. There's definitely some riang-ness and ria-ness here and there especially when the family gathers. If anything, it should be Buncit Penat Raya. At least that was how my [...]

Raya gathering

We hosted a mini family gathering at home yesterday. I wanted to share the stories and wedding pictures the night itself but was too tired to even move my fingers to scroll Instagram page. NO NO, not MY wedding but other people's wedding that I attended.So, pre open house we had to do our annual [...]

Tweedle dee dum

You know what they say about people who are 'mulut masin' (direct translation: salty mouth. But it really means whatever the person said will come true, like their wishes are always granted kinda thing). So I had that salty mouth moment yesterday. We were visiting the Islamic Art Museum for a food tasting yesterday and [...]

Baju itik-itik

Everytime I see this baju kurung in my closet, I'll always hear the boutique assistant's voice in my head; "beli la baju ni pondan, comel sangat you pakai. Macam itik itik gituuu!" Translation: "Buy the clothes transgender, cute on you. Like many ducks!". Okay, am not making any sense in English but seriously in Malay, [...]


This is all of us 😉 I'm a few days too late but still, Eid Mubarak everybody! All of us are in grey turquoise this year Can't believe I had to Google how to spell 'turquoise'. I thought I had in me.My baju raya was a disaster.not.talking.about.it. But I'm happy spending raya with my family. When [...]