Does size matter?

Part of the team for the anniversary celebration. Will upload the group pic with everyone when we get hold of the copies :)Okay before we start, if you are rerouted to this blogpost from some 'naughty' websites; I suggest you click x as the content is really not what you're expecting. Sorry to disappoint.So, I [...]

Jane of all trades

Since I started the Inspiring Orchid I have the tendency to women-named everything. My car used to be James but now SHE is Emily. But shoes have to always be Jimmy. Eventhough they're not Choos they'll always be Jimmy. Teehee.My laptop is now resting in a clinic as the battery decided to die on me. [...]

Thank you KK

Traveling alone has its perks I'd say. Yes, there were times when the most interesting thing that happened to you was watching Nicole Richie trying to get a job. No, don't you dare talk about her like that. Candidly Nicole is kinda funny. My.point.exactly.But sometimes, you get to meet people who put things into perspective for [...]

Small changes

Okay, it is time to address something serious. My eating habits. I have been going through this weird acne flare up phase these past few weeks. That's why the photos on Instagram are all just foods and quotes. Out of options and skincare products to try, I decided to tweak my lifestyle a bit.1) Healthier [...]