I am not the only one

Whenever I see someone killed in movies, honestly I could never be bothered because there's  nothing to relate to. But today I was murdered. Brutally. I was wondering how I could have cheated death should I get the chance. Although at this point, it's pretty much too late.I am traveling in this tunnel. I am [...]

The Game

Hell is empty, all the devils are heresaid Shakespeare.Its the devils' playground here,Throwing fire around playfully at one anotherto see who is stronger,  more powerful Leaving innocent creatures squandering amongst their feetscalded, burnt into ashes What about their souls? Their innocent souls?What about it?Its all merely a game.Who cares which Wolf ate the sheep?Can a flock of [...]

A moment like this

There are moments that we have in our lives; happy, sad or tragic moments that we may have taken for granted, thinking that they'll come back. The truth is, they never will. No matter how hard we try to cling on them, they will always go away. Moments that we had turned into memories. We [...]

This Fish

So, what is this about? Jumping boat? Taking sides? Suicidal mission?None of the above.It is about the leap. Taking the leap is exactly like that fish. How so?1. That fish is bigger than the rest thus he feels that the bowl is too crowded and small for him. A new bowl would be better, in [...]