to talk about doing one thing at a time and organising things (this is usually how I draft my blog post titles to remind me what I want to talk about but today I’m making this the published title). #rebel

Welcome to my life. This is me on a daily basis: Yes, while organising my Trello board, studying user cohort analysis, replying emails (more like drowning in emails), reading the news (more like drowning with the news), tweaking pithcdecks to send to several partners; I also was looking at kimchi jiggae recipe for dinner. I [...]

A departure

A departure Have you ever felt like throwing up when making a big decision? Like saying yes to your future husband/wife. Or when signing a contract worth millions (or for some people, billions) of dollars. Or parting ways with someone. I told you I wanted to document about my startup journey more diligently so people out [...]

That rough patch

That rough patch

I am writing this on the way back to London from Liverpool. Oh my God, my back is breaking (I'm sensing some theme here because my last post had this back thing too. I'm getting old..) but my brother had a great time visiting the stadiums thus by extension I did too. Well, that's a [...]