The 5 buckets rule

The 5 buckets rule

I want to talk about baldi. Yes, how interesting! No, no don't leave yet. I promise it is worth your time. I want to share some thoughts on commitments. Ayah said something that got me thinking a while back when I complaint to be drowning in so many things and asked how he managed to [...]

Peachy Keen

Several things got me thinking today. While I was riding in an Uber the other day, the driver asked me if I wanted to become a beauty mogul. Random, I know. He was telling me how the big brands like YouPuteh and E'Herbs (bukan nama sebenar) for examples are making tons of money feeding into [...]

Trying your best

Malaysian Reserve is staring at me now, nudging me to read it. But you know what, the Minister of Finance 2 can wait. Not that he's Minister of Finance 1 or something. Hahahah! Okay2, mean joke. He's an awesome person I'm sure.I feel super accomplished this week. Learnt so much at work during my first [...]

Stranger’s kindness

I had such a hectic week this week! Been really swamped at work with new projects and responsibilities, reached the first milestone for my fashion label and few other things (top secret projects to take over the world, Miahihihihi!! -simply because 'muahahaha' is too mainstream).Now, what those got to do with the headline? Be patient, [...]